Don't Trust Jeremy

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn are not a party of Remain.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party cannot be trusted to stop Brexit. Emily Thornbury neatly summed up the nonsensical Labour position on Question Time on 5th September. If Labour wins a General Election they will renegotiate a deal with the EU and then allow their MPs to campaign how they see fit in a second referendum. We know that there will be some Labour MPs who campaign for remain, some for their new deal, and some for no-deal.

Jeremy Corbyn has always been a Eurosceptic and to achieve his fantasy socialist utopia he needs his government to be able to meddle in major industries through state aid and central planning, something the EU does not allow. The Labour leadership is almost certain to campaign to leave the European Union with their own deal.

A vote for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is a vote for Leave.

Because of the ambiguity and internal splits on Brexit, and the anti-semitism and bullying scandals that have engulfed the party in recent years, the Labour Party membership in Mitcham and Morden has plummeted. As Siobhain admitted in an interview in the Evening Standard, local party membership has dropped by a third since 2017. 

Labour are no longer comfortable in Mitcham and Morden.

Evening Standard. 2019. Jeremy Corbyn ducks meeting on anti-Semitism as he’s warned over 'drop in membership'. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 July 2019].

Siobhain McDonagh must answer for her voting record.

Siobhain McDonagh has avoided scrutiny in previous elections, but now is the time to examine her voting record. She has consistently been on the wrong side of the big questions in recent years.

She voted in favour of the Iraq war five times with one abstention in six votes, and then voted against investigations into the war THIRTEEN TIMES! Not only did she make the mistake of believing George Bush’s lies, she then resisted a full and honest investigation into what happened to help us to avoid making the same mistakes again.

She also voted against the key tax reform of the coalition government, a Liberal Democrat policy to increase the income tax threshold to £10,000 and help the poorest to keep more money in their pockets.

On one of the most important issues that has fuelled the frustrations that led to Brexit, Siobhain McDonagh has consistently voted against fairer votes. She follows the Labour Party line that would stop your vote from counting, unless you vote for her! Similarly she has almost always voted against an elected House of Lords, protecting the traditional two-party system and an undemocratic unelected upper chamber, and more importantly her sister Margaret who has been a Labour life peer since 2004! Most surprisingly for such a cherished local MP, she has almost always voted against making the voices of the people of Mitcham and Morden more powerful by ensuring all constituencies are of equal size. Currently Mitcham and Morden has a very high number of residents per MP, making our voices smaller per person compared to other parts of the country.

We must stop Brexit! Only a Liberal Democrat vote can deliver a fresh start for Mitcham and Morden.

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