Campaigning to Win in M&M

The Liberal Democrats are the party of Remain in Mitcham and Morden

This election is the best ever chance to return a pro-EU MP from the largest Remain party to Parliament. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that will revoke article 50 and remain in the European Union if we win this election, no more second referendum, no years and years arguing about new trade deals, no more worry about crashing out without a deal, a simple Revoke and Remain!

In the European Election in May, the Liberal Democrats secured second place with 22% of the vote in this constituency, with many Labour voters swayed by Siobhain McDonagh's personal Remain leaning views on Brexit.

Make no mistake: if we elect a Labour MP in Mitcham and Morden we will be one step closer to Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn has refused to commit Labour to campaign for Remain in a second referendum, and has committed to deliver his own Labour Brexit if they won a General Election.

I will ensure that this is the last General Election where your vote doesn't count if you don't back the winning candidate

As your Liberal Democrat MP I will fight to deliver a fairer electoral system so that never again will any votes be wasted. The Liberal Democrats are committed to introducing a suite of electoral reform policies, including a proportional representation system for Westminster Elections, reform of the house of Lords and lowering the voting age to 16.

These policies have been a firm plank of Liberal Democrat policy for years and will be at the top of our list in Government, not only because it is right, and fair, but because it will help to restore trust in our democracy that has been so badly eroded over the past few years.

Euro Election Result in M&M

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